Medway House of Prayer

Booking the prayer room

Post Covid 
We are currently operating by opening the prayer room on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday.
Access will be by pressing the 'Medway House of Prayer' intercom button and waiting for the person to let you in.

Monday Mornings
Edward Wright will start the day from 6:30am 'til 8:30am with a change over option at 7:30

Wednesday arrangements
Maureen Hadlum starts the day from 8:00am 'til 9:00am
If you would like to join her it would be helpful if you checked with her that she will be there
Email Maureen

The Lunchtime  event will be overseen by Edward Wright in the room and operating in conjunction with the ZOOM Prayer hour from 12:30pm through to 1:30pm
Check with Edward that he will be there by emailing him
To request the ZOOM  link email admin

There will be a later event hosted by Sandra Russell, but as with the other times it would be advisable to check first

Friday evenings
Dion Ogbeiwi will be hosting a prayer time between 6pm and 7pm.   Email him for further details.

For other times  during this day or other opportunities  email your request, however at present we cannot guarantee  availability, so please give as much notice as possible