Medway House of Prayer

Following 'The Way' of Jesus

Our aims

Within the aims we all share of honouring Jesus Christ, seeking God's Kingdom and working for souls to be saved, Medway House of Prayer aims:-

  1. To provide a space which is available for booking at a wide range of times for prayer, singly or in groups.
  2. To see the atmosphere lightened with more of the presence of God through consistent prayer and worship.
  3. To encourage and increase united prayer across the churches in Medway, particularly for our city, and different aspects of its life e.g. the Body of Christ, Government, Business, Education, Health, Arts, Family, Media, Law and for opening doors for the gospel.
  4. To make prayer connections with those who live in the same area, work in the same office. Maps and details are on display.
  5. To accommodate different styles, according to who has booked or is leading.